The Smart way to avoid being upset by customer calls when their order does not arrive

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Mar 6, 2019 10:53:00 AM


The best way to minimize communication from upset customers is to get their orders right, every time. When you utilize an automated system, lost orders and errors in delivery can soon become a thing of the past! When you have a multi-step process that relies on manual inputs and tickler systems to alert customers to updated regarding their orders, there is a high probability of error. And, we all know that an unhappy customer is very rarely a returning customer!

Fewer errors mean happier customers and less stress for you and your team. We have found that the following processes can help to minimize the likelihood of errors, and are effective tools in providing our clients with the excellent service that they expect and deserve. If you are tired of fielding calls from angry customers that have a lost or incorrect order, this is the post for you. Follow these steps and you can avoid being upset by unhappy customers.

  • Orders should process immediately - when a customer makes an order, they expect that it will be taken care of right away. It is bad business practice to hold orders or delay their processing in any way. When your customer can complete their order online there is less room for error, and less time spent processing their order.
  • Every step of the order should be tracked and recorded - proper record keeping allows you to know exactly where your customer's order is in the process. If they have a question, it is essential for your credibility to have the answer they need easily accessible. Another benefit of good records is the ability that it provides your customer to reorder items with just a click of a button.
  • Customer service should be aware of every detail - if you want to deliver outstanding customer service, it is imperative that your team have knowledge of all of the pertinent details of a customer's order. Utilizing a central database that updates in real time allows all team members to be on the right page, and to give customers information that they know is accurate and up-to-date. 
  • Answers should be available easily online - the best case scenario is to operative via a platform that allows the customer to self-service and find out the information they need themselves. It is much easier for them to hop onto the net and get what you need rather than having to make a phone call or send an email. Having to call your company to get the answers that they want can make customers aggressive, and overall unpleasant to deal with. Let them keep track of their orders on their own time and at their convenience. The more seamless the process, the better for them, and the better for you and your stress level.
  • Customers should get answers and updates quickly - in the event that there is a problem or an error in delivery, it is vital to keep the customer fully up-to-date and aware of the current status of their order. A system that can automatically send out notifications when there is a change or update provides a seamless experience that minimizes mistakes and errors.

Are you tired of putting out fires that are caused by delays in delivery and errors with shipments? Our automated system can help you to focus on your business rather than mending fences and trying to save customers. Let's lower your stress level and take strides to increase your profitability!

We have that. Stop the upset.


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