Power of Employee Apparel: How a Red Shirt Stands Out In The Customer Service Crowd

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Jul 21, 2018 11:19:00 AM

Customer Service is right in the forefront of a Northeastern Pennsylvania family-owned grocery store chain. Boyer's Food Markets knows the importance of standing out in their competitive industry and is using the color red to signify they are serious about good business. A red shirt at Boyer's means more to this organization's culture than meets the eye. 

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Color Consideration: Don't Overlook This Critical Uniform Feature

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on May 15, 2018 2:31:53 PM

They say “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but when selling uniforms, the small stuff can be critical. Color is a powerful example of how important small details can be. You might think the shade you choose for your apparel is a minor matter, but it has a powerful effect on your clients. It is thus essential that you emphasize this facet of your uniforms and pay close attention to how it affects customers. By understanding the role that color plays and selecting the best possible shade for your gear, you can make the most of the uniforms you sell:

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