The economics of do it yourself versus outsourcing for selling employee apparel programs

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Jul 11, 2019 8:15:00 AM

At first glance it may seem like selling and managing an in-house, do it yourself uniform program is the way to go for your linen rental laundry, uniform laundry or promotional products company. However, when you start digging into the economic realities of such a program, a different picture begins to emerge. Many times the perceived net corporate profit realized from such programs is a lot less than you may think. Let's take a closer look at the time and cost expenses that such a program entails, and compare that with the simplicity and ease of an outsourced plan. When you are handling all of your clients' needs you may not reach optimum profit levels.

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Optimal Outsourcing: Why Promotional Product Distributors Contract Out Employee Apparel Programs

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Jun 28, 2018 11:10:00 AM

When it comes to selling employee apparel, promotional product distributors can’t be beat. No one has a better track record of selling large loads of uniforms and gear to a wide variety of companies for years on end. For many, it comes as a surprise to learn that these companies stock little or no gear of their own. Instead, they coordinate shipments from third parties, thereby separating the actual stocking and shipping process from sales coordination. By understanding why and how promotional product distributors do this, you can comprehend one of the greatest secrets to efficiency and success in the employee apparel industry.

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The Key To Selling Uniforms: Take All Orders, No Matter Their Size

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on May 24, 2018 8:27:00 AM

As a uniform supplier, you know better than anyone else that each client is unique. That uniqueness is strongly reflected not only in the type of apparel they order, but in how they go about ordering it. Some clients prefer to place regular bulk orders for a specific set of uniforms; others place occasional orders with different types of clothes each time; and still others leave it up to individual employees to order uniforms. Your job is to cater to these and all other uniform ordering preferences. The better you accommodate each client’s specific way of ordering, the more valuable you will be to them, leading them to trust you for all their apparel needs.

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Promotional Product Potential: Your Guide To Making Money From Uniform Sales

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Apr 12, 2018 11:30:00 AM

Success in business is all about pursuing opportunities, but some opportunities aren’t so easy to take advantage of. Promotional products distributors know this problem well. If you sell promotional products, you likely work with customers who regularly use uniforms. But because of the high cost and complexity of broad uniform sales, you may not think it’s worthwhile to start selling them gear. By adopting online sales with automatic shipping, you can get involved in the uniform market while facing little increase in cost or hassle.

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