Triple Threat: Nothing says “great uniform company” better than offering rental, lease and direct purchase

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Jun 4, 2019 8:33:06 AM

Nothing says “great uniform company” better than “we can help you with rental programs, lease programs, and direct purchase.” There's no need to stop with just one service when it's possible to become a great company that provides them all! When you work with SmartBuy|TK we make sure that your direct sales program is best in class, and give you the foundation that's necessary to become a great uniform company, no matter your size, location, or previous experience.

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Power of Employee Apparel: Golf Galaxy Employee Apparel Unifies the Staff at this Golfer's Dream Store

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Mar 12, 2019 9:15:38 AM

Florida is a popular destination for golfers at all performance levels, and visitors often need to pick up some gear before they hit the links. If you are visiting Florida and find that you need some golf balls or some apparel head out to Golf Galaxy in Pembroke Pines. This amazing store has everything you need and a knowledgeable staff that will get you set up and out onto the course in no time.

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Power of Employee Apparel: Tricky Fish extends brand offering branded apparel to the public

Posted by Rick Levine on Nov 6, 2018 7:12:12 AM

When Tricky Fish opened its first location in 2017, diners were attracted to the brand’s relaxed and fun environment. They asked questions about the brand’s logo on promotional items in the restaurant.  Tricky Fish extended the brand by launching Tricky Fish Life, a lifestyle brand featuring sportswear and more, just in time for the holiday season.

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Power of Employee Apparel: Lights, Camera, Action! Here's How Wearing The Same Shirt Helped Build a Brand

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Oct 16, 2018 8:44:20 AM

"All the world's a stage" is a famous line written by Williams Shakespeare. It's from his play, As You Like It and continues, "And all the men and women merely players; And one man in his time plays many parts..." Here's a story about how a shirt design helped build a brand for a small volunteer organization.

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How Linen and Laundries Can Cold Call on Local Businesses To Sell Employee Apparel

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Oct 9, 2018 10:14:00 AM

Untapped Revenue Potential for Your Local Linen and Laundry Company

Is your linen and laundry service running out of steam? If you are searching for new revenue streams, it's time to learn more about employee apparel sales. Many of the same organizations and businesses that are your current customers also have a need to purchase staff uniforms and employee apparel. You likely have restaurants and hospitals on your client roster already, and these are also two top prospects for employee apparel sales. Learning more about a hands-off and fully outsourced employee apparel sales opportunity can give you the edge you need to continue growing your already successful business. 

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Expand Your Rental Business By Offering Turn-Key Employee Apparel Purchasing To Your Clients

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Aug 29, 2018 9:14:00 AM

Employee apparel offers another profit center to your laundry and linen services. Adding a turn-key employee apparel sales service can expand your business lines without adding inventory or purchasing headaches. As a laundry and linen service, you may find continued growth difficult after you reach a certain saturation point in your market area. There are also upward limits due to your equipment and team size, as there is only a certain amount of product that your staff can turn over while still providing the top-quality service that your customers rely on.

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Revving Up Revenues: How To Expand Uniform Sales Without Additional Costs

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Jul 11, 2018 8:35:00 AM

Success in business is all about revenue growth, and the uniform industry is no exception. If you aren’t expanding your number of clients and the amount of orders they send you, you risk being supplanted by more dynamic competitors. But increasing your revenues and market share isn’t easy, especially when your current staff cannot handle additional work. You could invest in more employees and capital equipment, but that would sap your funds and risk disrupting your business. By outsourcing key functions, you can expand revenues without the cost and disruption of expansion.

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In Pursuit Of Prospects: How To Turn Leads Into Sales

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Jun 12, 2018 11:10:00 AM


“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” This hunting aphorism also rings true in the uniform market, where a sales prospect is a very different thing than an actual sale. You may know twelve different companies in your area that need uniforms, but turning that information into even six sales is an uphill battle. But the more effective you are at converting prospects into profits, the more bang you’ll get for your marketing buck. Thus as a new uniform company, you need to master the art of prospect pursuits, and that involves:

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The Right Uniform For The Right Job: How To Cater To Your Clients' Needs

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on May 22, 2018 9:06:00 AM

“Why do waiters dress differently than chefs?” As a uniform seller, this question should be at the forefront of your mind. Understanding the specific demands of each job and the ways that work apparel can address them is critical to selling uniforms effectively. The better you are at understanding these nuances, the better you will be at showing clients the true value of your gear. Clients will thus realize that buying your uniforms is a good investment, leading them to come back for your products time and again.

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From Equipment To Apparel: Adding Uniforms To Your Restaurant Supply Business

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Apr 23, 2018 10:51:00 AM

“Pursue every opportunity” is Rule Zero in any business. And in the food service supply industry, those opportunities are all around. As a company that sells equipment and ingredients to restaurants and caterers, you can expand your business in many simple and profitable ways. One valuable but often-overlooked avenue for expansion is uniform supply. By adding employee apparel to your selection of pots, pans, grills, stoves, and foodstuffs, you not only expand your sales, but make yourself indispensable to clients. In this way, you lay the foundation for your continued success over the long haul.

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