About Membership

SmartBuy|TK is prepared to provide you and/or your company with a turnkey solution to sell and manage Employee Apparel Programs. There will be no costs to you from SmartBuy|TK to participate as a member.

SmartBuy|TK will provide everything! This includes the availability of products, websites for your customers to place orders, embroidery services and all shipping arrangements. SmartBuy|TK even offers customer service to both you and your customers if there are questions about orders.

As a SmartBuy|TK Professional or SmartBuy|TK Business member you will be guaranteed a commission payment anywhere between 10% to 15% of the gross sales from your customers. The commission depends of the types of products ordered and the total volume of your SmartBuy|TK Professional account.

To insure you will play an active role in making the most of your membership, we ask the following questions as part of the application process. Your answers will demonstrate your commitment to selling Employee Apparel Programs and to maintaining strong relationships with your customers.



The SmartBuy|TK Membership Pledge

We Promise:

  • To deliver the highest quality direct ship, turnkey uniform sales program possible.
  • To treat you and your customers with respect, fairness and transparency.
  • To work hard to improve, increase the value of and enhance your SmartBuy|TK Professional membership.

You Promise:

  • To work hard at bringing new customers to your SmartBuy|TK Professional account.
  • To help maintain strong relationships with your customers by staying in contact, providing updates and helping them to grow their Employee Apparel Program.
  • To actively assist in improving, adding value to and enhancing of your SmartBuy|TK Professional participation.