Smart ways to get rid of worries about cash investments in inventory

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Are you up at night worrying about how much cash you have sitting in inventory with hopes that you will be able to move the product soon? Inventory management can be one of the most stress-inducing aspects of business ownership. You worry that you ordered too much of a product that could turn out to be a low seller or not enough of the product that can give a healthy boost to your bottom line. With a turn-key apparel service, those worries can be put to rest and you can enjoy a great night of sleep! If inventory woes are keeping you up at night, it's time to take a look at changing your business model.

Employee Apparel Requires A Lot of Product!

Many employers require different colors and styles for various positions within their firm, while sizing is another variable that adds to inventory requirements. If you are considering starting a custom apparel business but the worries about cash investments in inventory are holding you back, we have the solution. There is really no foolproof way to determine what your clients are going to need to meet their employee apparel needs too far ahead of time. Of course, you can get a reasonable estimate a quarter or two out, based on their hiring projections, but that data does not offer a lot of insight into sizing and custom embroidery of the employee names. There are a lot of specificities that go with providing employee uniforms and knowing how much and what type of product to acquire can be a daunting task.

Meeting Your Clients' Needs With the Least Amount of Inventory

It is a fine line between meeting your clients' timing needs and keeping your inventory stock lean. With a limited inventory, delivering client product in a timely manner becomes a major challenge and a business model that can keep you up at night with worry! These are just a few reasons that the custom employee apparel industry is moving toward on-demand inventory management services to supply product. Now, if the best antidote to worry is to route the employee apparel from the supplier to the embroiderer and screen printers and take yourself out of the inventory game altogether. 

Turn-Key Apparel Services are Revolutionizing the Industry

Smart owners are taking this practice one step further and implementing turn-key services to increase efficiency even further. When you create a platform for your client to source their employee apparel needs directly from the source you take all of the inventory headaches and hassles off of your plate. Rather than managing ordering, tracking, and delivery, you will be able to provide a lot more added value to your clients as you work with them to improve their uniform sourcing practices and grow their brand. Taking yourself out of the inventory game is a win for both you and your clients. Together, you will be able to focus your efforts on creating consistent brand management that extends beyond employee uniforms and apparel. Turn-key services are the best way to serve both you and your clients and to free up your capital from inventory that creates worry and stress!

Out-sourcing inventory and customization is the future of the employee apparel business, and it sure does look bright!

When it comes to stress-free inventory management, we can help you put those worries to rest! Now is the time to rethink your inventory management and how to best manage your business in the most efficient way possible for you.

We have that. Don’t worry anymore.


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