Smart way to feel better about filling 200 small uniform orders at once or 20,000 all year long

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Successful uniform vendors and employee apparel providers understand that employers have to source uniforms as they hire people, a fact that often translates into orders that are quite small. This fact can make inventory management incredibly challenging to say the least. Because of the way that on-demand and turnkey apparel services are set up, these challenges can be minimized and ordering demands, of any level, are dealt with in a straightforward and seamless manner. Utilize a bespoke platform to put your mind at ease, whether you are processing 200 or 20,000 small orders throughout the year.

The uniform business is all about tons of small orders

When an employer switches over to a new uniform or logo you will likely receive a large, bulk order. Outside of such instances, you may more often see small orders in drips and drabs as the client experiences employee turnover and the subsequent apparel needs that follow. There is no need to fear the tons of small orders that will come your way, as your turnkey business is set up to meet exactly these types of needs for your clients.

The ability to easily order one or two shirts with embroidery is paramount

Inventory management in non-turnkey businesses can prove to be a logistical nightmare as you stretch to meet tiny orders of ones and twos. When you opt for a turnkey employee apparel business, that all changes. It is not practical to require a bulk order when you are in the uniform business, if you are not able to give your clients custom embroidery on an order of one or two pieces, it won't be long until they look elsewhere. 

Most vendors cannot stay ahead of pre-made inventory needs

Pre-made inventory can be difficult to manage when your main service is providing bespoke and customized products to your clients. As far as pre-made inventory needs go, it can be difficult for most vendors to stay ahead of such an ordering cycle. Don't worry about trying to stay in front of your clients' pre-made inventory needs, as knowing exactly what your client will need and when will require a crystal ball. When you have an on-demand platform behind you, keeping up with your clients' needs is no longer a source of stress and worry.

On-demand production is mission critical

If you can't provide your clients with on-demand production, it may be time to re-evaluate your business model! When a client hires a new employee they expect that this worker can log onto the apparel platform to order their uniform and have delivery of such in a timely manner. Such on-demand production allows your clients to get workers on-boarded and ready to work as soon as possible. It is not acceptable to expect your clients to create a patchwork solution for their new employees as they await their official uniforms.

You need a  production line that allows for any amount of orders, every day

Your clients rely on you to provide custom uniforms and employee apparel on an on-demand basis, no matter how large or small the order may be. When you have access to a production line that lets you order everything from two to 200 pieces, you can rest assured that your clients' needs will be met in a satisfactory and timely manner! When you operate a turnkey business this is your reality. There is no reason to ever worry about such customization of small batch orders again.

Stop worrying about inventory management and join us to experience ease of ordering, even with customization and specialized embroidery requirements!

We have that. Feel better.


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