Power of Employee Apparel: Tuxedo Shirts at Franklin Terrace Ballroom and Catering Facility

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At Franklin Terrace Ballroom, located in Troy New York, there is a great sense of charm that comes from its historic simplicity and modern ambiance that have been blended together with ease. They host events such as wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthday parties, graduation parties and corporate gatherings. When you are looking for a setting that can be tailor designed to fit your needs, look no further than Franklin Terrace for the quiet intimacy it offers, or a more sophisticated glamour to suit your grand occasion.

Franklin Terrace is a quaint venue that features 2 ballrooms, a bridal suite, and a bar room. They have a full-service catering staff on hand so you do not have to seek catering elsewhere.

The History of Franklin Terrace and Franklin Plaza

Franklin Terrace is part of a larger business known as Franklin Plaza. This location is in downtown Troy, while Franklin Terrace is located in East Troy. The building itself has been in existence for 170 years, and has been converted from the Manufacturers’ Bank of Troy. Much of the interior and exterior of the building have been kept intact, with modifications made to create the cloak room, ballrooms, and main bar. With the features that have been left over from the past 2 centuries.

Michael A. Cocca Jr., who has been in business since the 1970s, bought the Franklin Plaza in 1992. It quickly became the Capital Region’s most elegant and successful ballrooms. He later purchased the Super 8 Motel across from the Plaza, which he turned into a Best Western Plus hotel. He purchased what became Franklin Terrace to serve as his second catering facility as his business became more popular. He has received high honors for his work with these facilities, including the Metroland’s People’s Choice Caterer of the Year award 

Franklin Terrace serves the greater Capital Region, including individuals, families and companies of all different backgrounds who wish to celebrate special occasions with style and class on a budget. 

Apparel Worn at Franklin Terrace

The wait staff and host/hostess at every event held at Franklin Terrace are required to wear certain uniforms. They must dress in professional attire at all times, no matter their job title and if they are directly working on the floor to serve the public.

Staff members are asked to wear white tuxedo shirts. They have to wear black vests over the shirts, and black bow ties. The pants they must wear are black tuxedo with black satin stripes on the sides. They are expected to finish off this look with black dress shoes. Each person also is expected to wear a Franklin Hospitality name tag to make it easier to recognize them and call them by name.

The overall appearance of a Franklin Terrace staff member is incredibly classic and simple. With such a basic uniform, there is no question who is on the staff. Employees are differentiated from everyone else, yet there is nothing flashy about their apparel to distract others. This is truly important when it comes to a wedding day event especially.

Company Website: http://franklinplaza.com/terrace-ballroom/


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