Power of Employee Apparel - The Crisp Shirts, Khaki Pants of West Marine

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employee_apparel_featured_west_marineLocated in the Silver Bluff area of Miami, at 3635 South Dixie Highway, West Marine has everything that you need to make your time on the water even more fun!  West Marine began as the West Coast Ropes store in 1968. This first iteration of the popular marine supply store was a mail order store that primarily sold nautical nylon ropes. From there, the company evolved to become what we now know as West Marine in 1975 in Palo Alto, CA. From these humble beginnings, a watercraft superstore was born! In Southern Florida, you will find a West Marine store in almost every area as Miami residents love boating, fishing and all manner of activities associated with the nearby Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway!

If you are preparing for a day out on the water, you can find most everything you need at your local West Marine outlet. From fishing gear to the necessary supplies to keep your boat running well, there is a large selection available and a team of helpful staff members available to help you find what you need and answer any questions that you have. The West Marine store in Silver Bluff also offers a full line of active wear that is as appropriate for an outing on your boat as it is for running around town.   There's also a lot of ropes and mechanical devices and tools that are useful to keep your boat in top shape. If you like to stay active on the water, the store also supplies stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and innertubes. 

Floor Staff Uniforms

When you think about boating, you likely envision some type of navy blue color such as the polo shirts that the floor staff wears at West Marine. The crisp shirts are paired with khaki shorts or trousers and are emblazoned with the simple yet eye-catching West Marine logo. Floor staff works as stockers and cashiers, and at this well-staffed outpost, there are also employees available to answer any questions that you may have. There is a lot to know about the inventory, and the staff members are highly trained and very friendly. West Marine stores are typically quite large, and the Silver Bluff store is no different. Fortunately, the employee apparel makes them easy to spot should you ever need any assistance.

Apparel Worn by the Managers

Similar to the floor staff, the store managers wear blue shirts emblazoned with the West Marine logo, but theirs are long-sleeve button downs of a lighter blue. These pieces of employee apparel are paired with blue chinos for a fresh and friendly look that keeps with the overall nautical theme that the store is focused upon. Similar to the apparel worn by the sales force, the store managers exude a more professional appearance because of their long sleeves and long blue-colored pants. While they do always look comfortable, store managers do not wear shorts, no matter the outside temperatures! When we visit the Silver Bluff location we always find that managers are more than willing to take our questions and help in any way when the floor team is busy.

Whether you are a powerboat enthusiast or a dedicated sailor, it's likely that you will visit a West Marine store! The next time that you are in the Silver Bluff store, or any other location, be sure to take an extra look at the employee uniforms. We think that you'll agree that they are a great fit for the nautical wares that West Marine stocks for the many boaters in the South Florida area.

Company Website: https://www.westmarine.com/


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