Power Of Employee Apparel: Pressed Coffee & Books Is A Business Brewing Their Brand

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Coffee and Books: A Match Made In Small Town Heaven

A historic downtown in Pennsylvania is experiencing a revitalization and a new business, Pressed Coffee & Books is one of the newest storefronts that is brewing up some business. A creative couple decided to quit their professional day jobs, trust their entrepreneurial spirit and build a new business together. Their concept combined some of their favorite things, specialty coffees, fresh crepes and classic books. Not only is this coffee shop located in what used to be famous author, John O'Hara's home, his books line the book shelves that customers are welcome to read while they enjoy their drinks. He is just one of the authors represented in their book mix.There are classics from Shakespeare, Twain and Hemingway among others. "We love the fact that we can go into Pressed, take a real book off of the shelf, and read a classic while our special coffee is being made," one customer said. "I enjoy spending time here because it's relaxing, creative and inspiring at the same time. Not to mention the coffee is fabulous and the service is awesome."

Brewing The Pressed Brand

The owners knew they had to concentrate on building their brand to generate a loyal customer base. They knew this was a must in order to compete with their competition; every restaurant in the city, the national coffee giant Dunkin and every coffee pot in town. They took a variety of things into consideration including their color scheme, decor style and even their uniform selection. Their ultimate goal was to create a big city experience, in a small town community. The atmosphere is bright and welcoming and open. There are no window treatments to block natural light from entering and the interior features a  minimalist decor approach. The colors throughout the cafe are white, gray and brown. Coffee is served in white paper cups with the logo, crepes are served in brown paper with the logo and all the menus are printed on off-white, recycled paper. Concrete table tops and neutral toned flooring compliment the look. "The relaxing atmosphere is one of the reasons I meet my girl friend here every week," said one customer. "Pressed makes us feel comfortable to stay even after our coffee is gone."

Uniform Created With Customer Appreciation

Everyone working at Pressed Coffee & Books wears a brown leather apron, and on cold days are welcome to wear a knit hat making them very visible. The aprons are made of easy to wipe clean fabric and feature functional pockets. This is a clever uniform design because the employees resemble artists or expert baristas who are creating fabulous cups of art. Customers are welcome to watch the coffee being right in front of them,  or visit the book area and wait for their delicious order. It doesn't matter where you are when your order is ready, the Pressed barista will deliver it right to you. The icing on the cake, or coffee cup if you will, is a special design they create in the foam of the coffee. "It's the little things like the classy looking aprons and the design created in the foam that I enjoy the most," said one customer. "I love the memorable experience and will keep coming back for more."

The owners are expanding their menu mix to include periodic local musical entertainment. Coffee and crepes can be enjoyed anytime of the day so why not listen to some good live music while drinking your favorite cup of pressed goodness.


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