Power of Employee Apparel: NYLO Hotel and SODA Bar

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The NYLO Hotel is a boutique hotel in the Cedars neighborhood of downtown Dallas, Texas.  The hotel is located a half mile from the Dallas Convention Center making it a very convenient hotel option for visitors.  The hotel features a small restaurant in the lobby (Terrace Bistro) and a wildly popular rooftop bar, SODA Bar. 

The NYLO building is listed on the historic register.  The brick building was built in 1911 as the headquarters for a coffin company.  Later, the property was purchased for the administrative headquarters of the Sears and Roebuck Catalog Division.  When the building was renovated into loft-like rooms for the hotel, attention was given to the historic integrity of the both the building and the neighborhood.  As the hotel stands at the gateway between downtown and the neighborhoods of South Dallas, SODA Bar was named (“SO” – South; “DA” – Dallas) to welcome guests to the area.

When the hotel opened, the initial focus was on the nearby convention attendees.  As the hotel is located across the street from the Southside on Lamar loft complex (former Sears and Roebuck Catalog building), the hotel’s restaurant and bar were marketed as dining options to the residents.  As the hotel’s reputation grew and more locals discovered the SODA Bar, NYLO became a destination location.  As the hotel and neighborhood has direct interstate access, it is an area that is easy to get to with convenient parking.  The interior design is industrial combined with urban chic, featuring the works of dozens of local artists.  Multiple conversation areas make it a popular after work meeting place for the city’s movers and shakers.  The lobby bar will typically see a mix of local government employees, arts professionals and business people.   The location, stylish interiors and trendy vibe make this a place to be seen. 

This fresh, funky design draws millennials and urban professionals.  Many come to the rooftop SODA Bar for the unparalleled 360-degree view offered of downtown Dallas and historic Fair Park.  This makes is a popular location for a romantic meal or even a wedding proposal.  The hotel is often sold out for large events.  For instance, the US Conference of Mayors held a cocktail party for 400 people at the end of their convention.

As the clientele ranges from hip, urban professionals to convention attendees, the staff apparel is kept professional and somewhat classic.  Both male and female staff wear long sleeve white shirts with black ties and black pants.  Staff members serving in the Terrace Bistro in the lobby also wear bistro length black aprons.  Staff in the SODA Bar wear half bar service aprons.  While the shirts sleeves can be rolled up, particularly in the hot Texas summer months, the shirt collar is always buttoned and a tie is worn.  During evening service at the rooftop bar during the winter, staff are allowed to wear a black sweater if needed.  All staff members wear a gold and black nametag. 

The white shirt and black pants combination makes it easier for staff members.  They are able to wear what is comfortable yet maintain corporate uniformity in a very colorful environment.  While the apparel choice for staff may seem more formal than what visitors might expect in a trendy boutique hotel, it conveys a sense of sophistication and professionalism.  Staff find the uniform comfortable and allows them easy movement during service.

Hotel administration and front desk staff wear a professional attire often with a blazer.  This sets them apart from the hotel waitstaff yet maintains a uniform, professional appearance. The uniforms are designed to meet individual’s work demands while coordinating across the hotel’s functional areas.   

Company Website: https://www.nylohotels.com/



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