Power of Employee Apparel: Nurses at Memorial Healthcare System dressed in style, delivering quality patient care

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Running any successful business requires building on a framework that is easily scalable as the business grows. A system that is built on certain principles on both how to conduct business, as well as how to effectively cater to the needs of its customers. Memorial Hospital is one such institution that has built a successful system based on key principles that is today revered by others in the healthcare industry.

The Memorial Healthcare System has been focused on providing patient and family centered care since its doors opened in 1953. The nonprofit curative care enterprise, which operates in Broward County South Florida, has since grown from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the largest public healthcare systems in the US. Memorial prides itself on providing the highest level of medical care to residents throughout South Florida. Its system is based and run on the seven principle pillars of safety, quality, service, people, finance, growth, and community.

Memorial’s growing network of medical facilities are all lead by it’s crown jewel, Memorial Regional Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals in Florida. This site is also home to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, the leading Pediatric Hospital in Broward and Palm Beach County. Memorial Regional Hospital leads by example, providing an array of medical and surgical services which include Cardiac and Vascular Care, Cancer Treatment, Bariatric Surgery, Pediatric Neuroscience, and Craniofacial Reconstruction.

One of the hospital’s largest assets are its people, who have all been strategically brought together to deliver the vision of wellness for all. Among its more than 13,000 employees are its group of Registered Nurses, who are arguably the backbone of this medical machine.

These patient care champions can be seen buzzing throughout the hospital, once you step through its doors, catering to patients suffering from a variety of ailments. There is nowhere that these superheroes are more noticeable and appreciated than at Memorial’s smaller but growing facility, Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

Once you enter, you are greeted by one of its friendly nurses professionally dressed in their Royal Blue colored scrub uniforms, equipped with their trusty stethoscopes, and always a warm smile. The facility has a growing reputation for having some of the best trained and well dressed nurses. No matter the time of day, employees can always be found professionally dressed in the facilities standard two and three-piece uniforms.

As a symbol of recognition of the value that the Memorial Healthcare system places on its nurses, the color of the uniforms at the Memorial Pembroke location was fittingly derived from the organization's most noticeable symbol, its logo, which is colored blue and black.

The only thing that overshadows this group of nurse’s ability to stay presentable is their talent for delivering the best medical care. Although from a quick glance it would seem these scrub uniforms are all the same, a quick survey revealed a wide range of brands that have been choreographed into professional uniformity. The range of brands worn comes from some of the leading brands in the uniform industry, which includes Greys Anatomy, BeneFit, Cherokee, and Wink.

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Company website: https://www.mhs.net/


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