Power of Employee Apparel: Golf Galaxy Employee Apparel Unifies the Staff at this Golfer's Dream Store

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Florida is a popular destination for golfers at all performance levels, and visitors often need to pick up some gear before they hit the links. If you are visiting Florida and find that you need some golf balls or some apparel head out to Golf Galaxy in Pembroke Pines. This amazing store has everything you need and a knowledgeable staff that will get you set up and out onto the course in no time.

This outpost of the popular national chain is located just north of Miramar and is in close proximity to the popular tourist destination of Fort Lauderdale and the many amazing golf courses that populate the South Florida region. The store is huge and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you walk through the doors but don't worry, the staff is very engaged and there to help you find exactly what you need. The team is engaged and eager to help, greeting customers upon arrival and pointing them in the right direction. If you just need to pick up a bag of tees, or want help with choosing a new driver, the staff is knowledgeable and can definitely get you the gear that is best for your game. 

There are several key areas of the large store, including footwear, apparel, clubs, balls, tees, and other gear. The best part of the shop though has to be the life-size golf simulator that customers can use to try out gear and get advice from the pro staff.  

Consistency Makes the Difference

The floor staff, including management, wear light blue cotton-blend golf shirts that allow them to move as they help customers try out gear and utilize the golf swing simulator. In addition to the blue tops, the staff wears grey pants that are self-supplied. Black, soft-soled, sports shoes are also part of the uniform. The staff does wear lanyard badges, but further custom embroidery may be a great touch for the team at Golf Galaxy to consider.

Sporty and Professional

Even though the light blue uniform shirts aren't overly bold, they are easy to spot on the merchandise floor. The golf shirts allow the staff to look professional while also giving them the movement and physical flexibility that they need to fully assist their customers. The overall vibe of the store is as sporty as you can imagine, and the uniform does a great job of continuing that feeling.

The use of proper pants rather than jeans or shorts, as many retail stores have as their uniforms in Florida, helps to keep the staff looking professional. Golf equipment can be pretty expensive, and it is good customer service to have the staff uniforms reflect their clientele. We liked the neat appearance of the staff as they led us around the store to help us get the gear we needed.

The employee apparel at Golf Galaxy in Pembroke Pines shows just how effective a singular color option can be for employee uniforms. The staff is easily recognizable and ready to help! You can spot them easily on the floor and know that they are part of the sales team right away. The lanyard badges are another way that the team is easily recognizable, especially when paired with the distinctively colored shirt. 

Golf is a great pastime and the perfect activity for a Florida vacation! If you arrive in this golf mecca and discover that you don't have everything that you need, head over to Golf Galaxy, they will take great care of you and get you golfing in no time!


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