Power Of Employee Apparel: Crisp Black And White Uniforms Let Dorothy Lane Market's Classic, Old World Style Shine Through

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Dorothy Lane Market, affectionately called DLM by locals, is an upscale gourmet and specialty grocer with three locations in the Dayton, Ohio area. While many area residents do their weekly grocery shopping at DLM, the market is best known for their fresh, prepared, gourmet foods and their unique, well-loved bakery. Dorothy Lane takes well known comfort food favorites and uses top notch ingredients and exciting flavor profiles to give items an updated twist. While the DLM parking lots are full every day of the week, the store is especially bustling over weekday lunch hours as businesspeople flock to the deli, sushi, salad, and bakery counters to grab a quick lunch before meeting with colleagues in the dine in/ patio areas. DLM also appeals to the budding chef, offering tastings and culinary classes to the community.

Dorothy Lane Market began serving the Southwestern Ohio region as a small fruit stand in Dayton in 1948. Located at the corner of Dorothy Lane, area residents Owned by Dayton residents Frank Sakada and Calvin Mayne, the fruit stand eventually grew into the popular culinary powerhouse it is today. Dorothy Lane Market prides itself on being a helping hand in the community, and will donate over $40,000 to charities in the Dayton region by the end of 2019. From providing standard groceries to specialty items to catering large parties, Dorothy Lane Market is synonymous with top quality food in the Southwestern Ohio area. The look of the store goes hand in hand with the top quality foods and catering services offered by the market.

From the moment customers walk into DLM, it's clear that the market is different from a typical grocery store. Patrons are greeted with walls of fresh produce, a coffee shop offering hand crafted drinks. Cashiers are dressed in white collared shirts, black dress pants, and black aprons embroidered with the tastefully understated black and white Dorothy Lane Market logo. The employee uniforms unite the staff in a way that makes it clear to customers that they're working, but the uniforms do not call attention to employees in an obnoxious or outspoken way. The employee apparel brings customers back to what store workers probably looked like at the original Dorothy Lane fruit stand in the 1940s. Some employees even sport black bow ties, a nod to the upscale environment the store provides. This professional look appeals to the store's upscale clientele, without being flashy or over the top. DLM works hard to ensure that their brand is prevalent  as much as possible- even the frequent shopper club cards bear the same style and logo as the aprons worn by the front end workers. 

Dorothy Lane employees who work behind the counters of the deli, wine bar, bakery, sushi, and butcher areas sport slightly different uniforms than the front end cashiers. Employees who work directly with the creation of food wear black or white chef jackets (long sleeved or short sleeved, depending on the nature of the employee's particular job), also emblazoned with the DLM logo. Many of these employees also wear black hats with a white DLM logo. While the uniforms provide functionality for the jobs of each employee, they also give a clear picture to the customer of the upscale tone of the market. Management keeps their clothing in line with the vibe of the store as well, donning black pants, white shirts, and white ties. 


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