Power of Employee Apparel: Creperie du Village And Their Striped Aprons

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Alpine Spirit in the Colorado Rockies

The Creperie du Village is an Alpine-themed restaurant in the heart of Aspen, Colorado. The ski mountain is a short walk away, and visitors who come to the Creperie are treated to a slice of European life that is a perfect way to cap off a day of skiing or hiking, no matter the season. Creperie du Village is located at 400 East Hopkins, right in the central restaurant district of Aspen. The entire experience will transport you to a typical Alpine experience, from the dark paneled walls to the traditional mountain cuisine and the friendly staff.

While there is outdoor sidewalk seating, the patio and restaurant occupy a subterranean space that is as cozy as it is chic. Founded in 2012 by French ex-pat Raphael Derly and his wife Karin, this fondue restaurant has become one of the mainstays in a town where many restaurants come and go. Traditional fondue and raclette are the main draws of the restaurant, with the eclectic interior design a close second.  Tourists and locals alike love the fun and convivial atmosphere that is the perfect complement to the food and wine! Anyone who is looking for a unique experience that really completes a visit to the mountains, a meal at the Creperie is the way to go.

Personality in French Navy Blue Striped Apron

The European atmosphere of the space, as well as the food, are reflected in the staff uniforms that include the traditional French navy blue striped apron. The long apron creates a rustic feel that is in keeping with the overall Alpine feel of the Creperie. Many of the wait staff are from Europe and their accents, along with the French aprons, help to give diners the feeling that they have been transported to a classic village located in the French Alps. Paired with the navy aprons are black work pants, black shoes with rubber soles, and black long-sleeve button-up shirts.

Another advantage of the traditional striped apron is that they are easy to clean, and the dark color hides any manner of stains or spills. The aprons are machine washable and sturdy, holding their shape well and are also resistant to fading. The staff in the open kitchen wear the same uniform as the wait staff with the addition of a traditional flat top, soft hat. This piece is in keeping with the overall theme of the restaurant and has the added benefit of keeping the cooks' hair out of the way. The headgear is unique and adds another piece of visual flair, especially because the kitchen is open, and the staff is completely in view of the diners.

The entire atmosphere of the Creperie du Village in Aspen is in keeping with the Alpine spirit that the owners want their guests to experience. The traditional French uniforms are an important part of this overall theme and help to give diners the feeling that they are in a rustic village restaurant in the French Alps. Visitors to Aspen appreciate the unique cuisine that is available and also love the interior of this location and its commitment to the Alpine theme. The space is very small and intimate which adds to the cozy feel and at times diners may feel that they are eating among friends and family, especially when seated at the large communal table situated at the center of the dining room. Anyone who is visiting Aspen and seeks a unique experience should visit the Creperie. The waitstaff are all quite charming, and the navy striped aprons are the perfect uniform for the place and the atmosphere.

Restaurant Website: http://www.lacreperieduvillage.com/



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