Power of Employee Apparel: Black Uniforms Bring a Touch of Class to PF Changs

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Asian cuisine is one of American's favorite go to food. PF Changs has become a popular go to for Chinese foods but has added its on distinct touch to Chinese food by focusing on a distinct style of cooking. They also recently updated their classic black restaurant uniform policy by allowing a bit of flexibility for their wait staff. Both food and professionalism make PF Changs a popular restaurant for those wanting a dose of old fashioned Chinese cooking.


The first PF Changs was started in 1993 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The companies founders are Philip Chaing and Paul Fleming and they created a unique concept of a restaurant that used the old fashioned method of wok cooking, while focusing on old school Szechuan cooking. The Schechuan style features menus items from the Chinese Sichuan province. The foods of the area featured bold flavors, by using Sichuan peppers, chili, ginseng and garlic. The company soon began expanding to first the west coast, then other areas of the United Stated. Today, there are over 220 Us restaurants with 90 international locations across 22 countires.e than 21 countries across the globe. Even if spicy isn't your ' cup of tea'. PF Changs offers something for almost everyone on their menu, from beef dishes to duck. All entrees list the spiciness factor of their dishes, just in case you don't like spicy food.

The owners added another touch to the entire restaurant experience with a more open kitchen where customers can see part of the cooking process. They also have added unique decorations and lighting so customers can be immersed in the entire cuisine experience. One of the most well known decorative items are the  11 foot tall horses that adorn the front of their restaurants. Their website states that the horses "symbolize he original  Forbidden City in China, which was built for China's first emperor".


Due to a recent uniform policy change, dining room employees at PF Changs have an option, within limits, of their uniform attire.  Not everyone wears the same type of black shirts but all employees are required to wear black pants. In 2013, the managers decided that each location should have some say about  the uniform policy as long as it was all black. With the expanding locations, they realized that not all areas called fro the same uniforms. Men are required to wear button down shirts, but have the option between three quarter sleeves and long sleeves. Women have more leeway, having the option of dressier black t-shirts, long sleeves t- shirts or three quarter or long sleeve button down shirts. All staff are required to wear black pants, black shoes and wait staff of course adds a black apron. He stated that the shirts are ordered from a uniform company to maintain a standard look and that the company provides the first shirt while employees can purchase additional shirts through the same uniform company.

Whether its with their food offerings or uniforms of employees, PF Changs offers a touch of class for its customers. Its nice to know that your friendly wait staff at this one of a kind Chinese eatery  are expertly trained and also look the part of perfect restaurant professionalism.

Company Website: https://www.pfchangs.com/



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