MedSpring Urgent Care's Stylish Scrubs

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While ER's take care of you when you need critical care, walk-in clinics can assist you with other non-life-threatening conditions. It is their duty to ensure that you receive the care that you need, with some of them being open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is these physicians and nurses who work the long hours to ensure that you get the medical treatment you need, even at the early hours of the morning. Because of this, they equip themselves with the best uniforms possible that improve comfort and give them the flexibility they need to respond quickly to patient's needs.

MedSpring Urgent Care in Kingwood, TX is an urgent care service that does just that: take care of you when you need it most. The business employs licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, and a small staff of nurses to assist you with all of your medical needs. MedSpring has a reputation for exceeding their patient's expectations when it comes to professional medical care and is there for them every step of the way. Their lobby is built to promote comfort for their visitors and offer amenities such as activities for children to enjoy, free Wi-Fi, and televisions to provide entertainment while guests wait for their appointments.

A History of MedSpring

MedSpring Urgent Care was opened in 2013 and has been servicing Kingwood and its surrounding areas. The Kingwood area has been rapidly growing over the past decade and MedSpring was the answer to an expanding population. The urgent care is the answer for individuals who are suffering from quickly treatable problems, such as abscesses, allergies, bronchitis, strep throat, and more. Since 2013, the Kingwood urgent care has received dozens of positive reviews on their website that praise the professional care of the physicians who work there. The future is bright for MedSpring in Kingwood, TX as their staff continues to exceed patient's expectations.

What Services Do They Provide?

As mentioned previously, the MedSpring Urgent Care treats non-life-threatening conditions for patients. This means anything that is not considered acute and must be rushed to Kingwood Medical Center for emergency medical treatment. Non-life-threatening conditions include headaches, flu symptoms, small cuts, and more. MedSpring Urgent Care accepts all forms of insurance and has payment plans to help their patients take care of their medical bills. The Urgent Care also offers occupational health and routine vaccination services for the elderly and the young.

MedSpring's Medical Scrub Uniforms

Just like any other medical facility, MedSpring requires their physicians and staff to wear medical scrubs. However, what stands out the most for these scrubs is the font and MedSpring logo in the top right corner. The 'spring' is highlighted green to coordinate with the season itself and give off a bright persona that the company showcases. The scrubs are made of polyester and cotton and can be washed without fear of shrinking. The company provides replacement uniforms for their staff. Many staff members consistently order new scrubs since their uniforms can potentially become messy after a rotation in the urgent care.

Selling Medical Scrubs

Individuals who are looking to sell medical scrubs should highly consider getting involved in the market. Scrubs are constantly needing to be replaced and can be considered a lucrative niche for those looking to invest in a certain area of uniform services. MedSpring Urgent Care's scrubs are just an example of how a stylish look can be added to something that is generally seen as common work attire to help sell the brand. With the medical field constantly expanding, now is the perfect time for uniform providers to tap into the market and find their niche. 


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