From TaskRabbit to Postmates: The Need for Employee Uniforms in the Gig Economy is Booming

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While it can be difficult to quantify the number of people who are working in the gig economy, most reports have the number somewhere at or above 50 million people in the United States doing some type of freelance or contract work. Many of those workers are working for firms such as TaskRabbit and Postmates and other short-term task-based platforms. Look around on a work day in any metropolitan area and you will likely notice a small army of workers clad in khaki pants and an embossed polo shirt. They are likely a delivery person of some sort or a worker who is hired out to perform errands and other helpful tasks.

Such workers require uniforms and their hiring company will likely welcome the chance to offload this task to a third-party provider. With turn-key employee apparel services, you allow the hiring company to focus on managing their contract workers and keeping their clients satisfied. Because there is a lot of turnover in task-oriented businesses, managing the uniform process can become a burden for the hiring team, and one that they will happily outsource.

Targeting the Gig Economy is an Effective Way to Boost Uniform Sales

If you are new to the employee apparel sales business, targeting the uniform needs of the gig economy is a perfect way to increase your sales and revenue. In addition to the nationwide errand runners and delivery folks, there are a lot of such workers on the local level as well. Any platform that offers per-job work employs a substantial number of workers to complete those tasks, all of whom typically wear some type of uniform. 

Offering a turn-key employee apparel service to such firms is likely a very welcome arrangement. These types of jobs tend to have a high rate of turnover, and allowing the company to source their uniforms through a streamlined service can save them both time and money.

A Creative Approach for Selling to Local Businesses 

In addition to the local restaurants, hospitals, and convenience stores, don't forget to add delivery services and errand runners to your target market strategy. When you are brainstorming local businesses to approach, don't forget to include the following companies that have vast employee apparel needs:

  • Errand runners - workers who provide in-home services need to be appropriately dressed and easily identifiable as an employee of the company you have hired. 
  • Delivery people - the same goes for delivery people who are interactive with the public to collect and deliver various items throughout the day. Check your local service providers for drivers that make airport runs, or private companies that offer services for seniors who no longer drive.
  • Grocery getters - more and more national chain grocers are offering a home delivery service of some sort. There are also private companies that offer such services and employ workers to shop for their clients.

All of these services rely on a small army of contract workers, all of whom need uniforms. There is likely an untapped market of people in need of employee apparel right in your backyard thanks to the booming gig economy! Don't forget to target these companies as you are working to expand your local market share.

There is truly no limit to the potential market for employee apparel sales! In addition to the brick and mortar businesses in your local area, don't forget to expand your target market to include members of the gig economy. Service providers in today's economic environment are growing at a steady pace, and they all need uniforms!


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