Expand Your Rental Business By Offering Turn-Key Employee Apparel Purchasing To Your Clients

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Aug 29, 2018 9:14:00 AM


Employee apparel offers another profit center to your laundry and linen services. Adding a turn-key employee apparel sales service can expand your business lines without adding inventory or purchasing headaches. As a laundry and linen service, you may find continued growth difficult after you reach a certain saturation point in your market area. There are also upward limits due to your equipment and team size, as there is only a certain amount of product that your staff can turn over while still providing the top-quality service that your customers rely on.

Rather than look at your current business lines for impactful growth, it may be time to look into offering a new service as a way to increase revenue and profits. An employee sales program is a truly turn-key business that requires little to no time after set-up. Keep reading to learn more about how this business line can boost your profit margins.

ABCs of An Employee Apparel Sales Program

It is likely that your linen and laundry customer base also utilize employee uniforms in their establishment. Offering uniforms to this market is a natural follow-on to the service that you are already providing. There is also room for growth when you provide all of their linen and uniform needs, as many companies rent some items and purchase others. If your hospital clients rent linens from you and purchase lab coats from another vendor, you can increase the account size by meeting both needs. Your customer wins by streamlining their vendors, and you increase your revenue and fulfill a greater need for your customer.

A turn-key employee apparel program is just as the name suggests, and the entire process will be touch-free for you. Upon completion of the sale, a turn-key service handles the warehousing, inventory management, and direct delivery of the product to your customer. And when they order through a dedicated website provided to them your day-to-day involvement in the process is negligible. Your customer will save time by direct ordering through the website without onerous purchase orders and can empower certain of their employees to create the orders. They will save time with this streamlined service while still getting the high-quality products that they need.

Increased Profits with Limited Effort

Running a business, especially one that is as hands-on as a laundry and linen service, can take an extraordinary amount of time and effort. It can sometimes feel like your continuous efforts aren't getting you any further ahead in revenue growth and profit levels. By adding an employee uniform platform to your established business you are creating an opportunity to substantially raise your revenues without having to significantly increase your workload. Our team provides the training necessary for your success and will also empower you to grow your sales and market share. 

There are unlimited opportunities in the employee apparel industry, with more and more businesses utilizing uniforms. Take a look around your immediate area, from the bank where you have your accounts, to the gas station where you fuel your vehicles, the hospitals and restaurants you already service, and everything in between. The growing gig economy is also a nearly limitless market that requires uniforms. Employee apparel sales is an exciting industry niche to enter when you are ready to continue to grow your business and increase your revenue. Now is the time to join this significant growth industry and reap the rewards!

Contact us today to learn more about our system and how a turn-key apparel sales platform offered by SmartBuy|TK can help you achieve your business growth goals!


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