Employee Apparel Allowance Programs Are a Win For Everyone

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Apr 3, 2019 2:35:00 PM

Many firms that have employee apparel and uniforms for their workers find that an employee allowance program takes a lot of the hassle out of the process. It is an efficient process that allows the employer to provide funds for the employee to order their apparel directly. It cuts down on unused inventory and ordering errors. The system is better for both the work team and the company owners and provides a necessary service in a seamless manner to both parties.

The employer can manage their budget in a focused manner

When you have new employees that require uniforms you have two choices: to stockpile apparel for use at a future date (and hope that the correct sizes are ordered!) or order them on demand. Keeping track of who needs what and when can be a tedious task that allows for many errors. If you want to keep the process flowing, why not have employees order apparel directly when they need to?

The employee can order their specific items exactly when they need them

If your company operates in an industry that causes a lot of wear and tear on uniforms, it can be a challenge to know exactly when more apparel will be required. The same can be said for industries where apparel last long, as it may become difficult to gauge the reorder cycle. When your staff can order their new clothes themselves through their employee account, the task becomes much more manageable. 

The uniform provider can predict the purchasing  and income levels for the time period

A platform (such as SmartBuy) can help you to fund your employee accounts on a regular schedule thus allowing you to keep major cost hikes in check. When employees are able to use their funds as needed, and they are replenished regularly, you can take the guesswork out of your employee apparel line item. 

Employers setup and manage the employees

The employers add a fixed dollar amount to the employee accounts at set intervals, and the employees manage their own uniform procurement process. 

Employers set allowance, adjust them freely

If you find that funds are going unused, or that certain departments require more uniforms, you can adjust the allowance as necessary. You are never locked in to set amounts for any length of time. 

The system allows employers and uniform sellers to run reports and see activity

The employee allowance system lets you track how much money is being spent and how often. Analyzing this activity lets you know where the system may need adjustments and lets you move any monies that are sitting there unused.

All employees are able to track their own orders, sizing and more

When employees' sizes change, or they damage a uniform, they are able to order and track delivery of their new apparel directly. There's no more having to remember to visit the procurement office and fill out paperwork or make a formal request for a new uniform. As long as they are within their monetary allotment, they are able to get exactly what they need right when they need it. 

Uniform sellers should look for companies such that offer an employee apparel program allowance to their employees. Employers should look for uniform sellers like SmartBuy that can help their company manage these programs easily. Don't get caught in doing things the same way, especially when there is a much more efficient and logical way to do it! The employee apparel business is continuously improving and making it easier to provide your team with the uniforms they need.

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