Combining Rental and Direct Sales to Delight Customers: The Right Way

Posted by SmartBuy|TK on Apr 22, 2019 8:03:22 AM

combine rental and direct

Looking to attract more accounts to your laundry rental services? Improve your direct sale channel!

The effective point of view is "direct sales may be new territory for you, or you may be doing this already, but either way, you can improve your laundry rental results if you separate the laundry services from your teams direct sale services as a burden." Providing many types of rental uniforms to employees is an outmoded business model that lacks efficiency and really doesn't make sense when contemporary direct-purchase systems now allow your clients to easily purchase as few as one or two uniforms at a time.

Let's take a look at three different types of businesses clients that can be helped by this approach:

  • The car dealership that needs towels and coveralls laundered, but the sales staff out front needs to purchase dress shirts and jackets 

This approach allows the dealership to cut down laundry costs, as the non-heavy duty uniforms are owned and cared for by the sales staff themselves. Coveralls require professional cleaning and it makes sense for the dealership to take care of that task. For the sales force, there really isn't a need to provide this service. When you provide laundry service and the platform for ordering sales apparel, you are making the entire process more streamlined and much less of a hassle for everyone!

  • The hospital that gets their linens and blankets laundered, but prefers their nursing and medical staff purchase and own their scrubs

Hospitals have a lot of laundry to keep up with, and having the nursing and medical staff take care of their scrubs lessens the burden placed on the laundry service provider. It also helps to decrease costs for the hospital. The process becomes even better when staff members are given an apparel allowance that allows them to reorder any replacement scrubs as needed. Working in a hospital can get messy, and having to reorder uniforms can take the work of an entire department. Having a system in place that provides employees with allocated funds and the ability to order their own scrubs makes so much sense it's almost unbelievable!

  • The restaurant chain that wants mats delivered fresh each week, but the polo and tee shirts are purchased by the employees

Culinary services have a lot to keep clean, and a lot of safety and cleanliness standards to adhere to. When the staff is responsible for their own apparel it helps to keep the laundry system more efficient and affordable. When you separate out industrial laundry from apparel laundry you can make the system work better for everyone. Your mats and linens need to be professionally cared for, that's a given, but there's no reason to take on the added burden of caring for employee apparel. It's time to let your staff take care of their own tees and polo shirts and leave the heavy cleaning to the professionals. 

As a laundry, you have the first part of each of those equations handled already. Using a service to manage the other part is ideal. No investment, no inventory, no headaches, thousands of small orders (1 or 2 shirts at a time!) are no problem when you work with a company like SmartBuy. It's time to help your clients streamline their laundry and uniform business and show them the light when it comes to employee-cared for uniforms. Just because they have items that they need to launder professionally, there is no reason for them to have to care for their employees' uniforms too. Help them to make their business more affordable by taking care of this problem thus allowing them to focus on the business at hand. 


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