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Tulsa Welding School can be considered one of the best welding schools in the country. With locations in Tulsa, Jacksonville, and Houston, they provide the highest quality of welding education for future welders. They have over 65 years-worth of excellence in the welding industry and have provided thousands of students the educational materials necessary to become professional welders. Their school offers students a variety of options that will allow them to choose courses at their convenience. Financial aid is available for aspiring welders that are lacking necessary funds for tuition.

The History of Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School has been teaching young welders for over 60 years now. The school was founded in 1949 by two welders who wanted to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The steel industry was booming at the time, and the workforce needed more welders to fill jobs. Both founders saw this as an opportunity to educate and train future welders to help with America's construction boom. The school prides themselves on teaching their students welding skills, as well as workplace values that carry over in their professional careers. Students who put forth the effort are rewarded with excellence at Tulsa Welding School and find themselves with a fulfilling lifelong career after graduation.


There is a variety of people from all different races, age, and religion enrolled at Tulsa Welding School. Though the primary gender is male, women have been known to enroll in the school from time to time. The school’s facilities are known as a melting pot of culture as people from all walks of life come together to learn how to become professional welders. Comradery and respect are values that are instilled by the instructors regularly to showcase excellence in the workforce.

Employee Uniforms

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Instructors at Tulsa Welding School are required to wear uniforms daily. The uniform showcases beige on the torso and black on the arms for an eye appealing color palette. Two chest pockets can be seen on the front to store small items. The Tulsa Welding School logo can be seen on the left side of the chest, showcasing the proud school’s logo for all to see. The uniform is made with durable materials to protect instructors from sparks and other small hazards on the shop floor. The state that the school is in is identified by the state flag on the right arm with an American flag accompanying it on the left arm. The uniform is expertly crafted for comfort and functionality when working with welding equipment for optimum results.

Tulsa Welding School Delivers

All aspiring welders should inquire at a Tulsa Welding School for the best education in the field. With over more than half a decade in service to the welding industry, it’s no wonder they continue to prove themselves as welding leaders. Their uniforms showcase the school’s excellence and should be considered by any employee apparel experts for inspiration.

Company Website: https://www.weldingschool.com/



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